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OG体育在线入口, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, 德国, is a leading international family-owned portfolio company. Your competitive advantage is our priority. In all our businesses our people combine material expertise with technological know-how. 有了这些专业知识, OG体育官方入口会调查你们的流程, challenges and markets and develop high quality solutions that strengthen your competitiveness in the long term.


Closing the green energy gap with fusion power

The world's hunger for energy, especially for electricity, is growing. This trend is being driven by increasing electrification in transport, heating, and industry. According to a study by the World Energy Council (WEC), global electricity demand will increase by almost 150 percent by 2060 compared with 2015. This growth cannot be met with renewable energies alone. Nuclear fusion technologies have currently made important progress. This requires powerful lasers, for which OG体育在线入口 Conamic supplies high purity fused silica.

Read more about the importance of fused silica for fusion energy



目前, petroleum is still the basis for most products in the chemical industry, such as plastics or pharmaceuticals. Because of climate change, there is a need for the industry to make biomass usable as a raw material. Therefore, experts research methods to convert biomass into basic chemicals. One source for this can be lignin – a substance from trees and shrubs. OG体育在线入口 Precious 金属s has developed catalysts that make lignin usable as a raw material for bio-based chemicals.

Discover the potential of lignin for green chemistry through precious metal catalysts from OG体育在线入口.


产品OG体育在线入口, open innovation and corporate venturing - these are the three cornerstones of innovation at OG体育在线入口.

Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Board of Management <a href='http://topics.investissements-immo.com'>OG体育在线入口</a> Holding GmbH


"As a family-owned company with a long-term orientation, we have naturally focused on sustainability in our business activities for generations. Those who aim to succeed in the long term must responsibly manage all the resources involved in the value creation chain. This includes the employees, and particularly the raw materials. Sustainability is consequently an important corporate principle for OG体育在线入口."

Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Board of Management OG体育在线入口 Holding GmbH


Sustainability: a guiding principle

Sustainability has become a central entrepreneurial guiding principle and has long been incorporated into the principles of our entrepreneurial and social actions.

在最新的报告中, we describe how we use our innovative strength and technical expertise to make an active contribution to a sustainable and better world with our customer-centric products and solutions. 在这个, we focus on activities concerning the environment, 健康, electronics and industrial applications.

Explore our 2020年可持续发展报告》


Find out where our teams work around the globe.


Helping medical device customers accelerate the design, development and production of medical innovations.


OG体育在线入口开发者模拟, design and test products and prototypes for the power electronics and semiconductor industries in our OG体育在线入口Center Shanghai.

Germ-free through disinfection – We offer the solution against the pandemic!

Germ-free through disinfection – We offer the solution!

In the fight against the COVID virus, OG体育在线入口 provides support with UV solutions for disinfecting room air and surfaces. UV radiation in the wavelength range of 254 nm inactivates germs safely, without chemicals and in an environmentally friendly manner. Germs cannot develop resistance to UV light. Find the solution for your application with us!

OG体育官方入口的Soluva概述® product portfolio for UV disinfection



We look for open-minded people who embrace innovation and see opportunities instead of obstacles. OG体育在线入口, we will provide the supportive environment where you can grow professionally and unlock your full potential. 加入OG体育官方入口的团队!

Information for graduates and students



投资条状或颗粒状, 实物或通过帐户, industrial application or investment – the specialists from OG体育在线入口 precious metal trading are available to you across the globe, 提供个人的解决方案. As a long-term and recognised market player, we are the people to contact in all matters regarding precious metals.




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